Saturday, February 4, 2017

Another Thursday Night on the Las Vegas Strip

 I was walking around the casino when my coworker Steven pointed out a woman & asked, “Do you think she needs our help?”

 The woman was doubled over a slot machine and crying… my coworker’s question now seemed stupid, so I sprung over to see if she was ok.

 I said to the woman, “Mam, are you OK?”

 She leaned up, and said to me, “oh yes, thank you”

 She told me, “I had the worst night last night, someone roofied me, & I was raped in my hotel room”

 I was shocked and told the woman, “let me get security”

 She stopped crying and told me, “I don’t need security, I can take care of myself”, she then broke out in song, “I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman!”  During the “woman” line she flexed her muscles for dramatic effect.

 At this point I realized I just walked into a pile of crazy and was stuck in it. I got to hear all sorts of crazy shit about Gypsies robbing her of 200 hundred dollars and how her husband is an asshole because he wants to use their money to do stupid stuff like pay their taxes...