Friday, October 10, 2014

When Punk Goes Bunk #667

Dirty Rotten Imbeciles – Crossover – Metal Blade Records
 When I got into punk D.R.I. were the biggest band amongst my fellow skate punks, then D.R.I. released Crossover which resulted in everyone and their mother calling them, “sell outs” or saying even worse, “they have gone metal!” The funny thing is, while everyone talked shit about D.R.I. they were still jamming their tunes. Now, when Thrash Zone came out, that killed it for my friends’ relationship with D.R.I. My friends were so “punk” they even hated the corny as fuck, yet awesome tune Thrashhard!

 Maybe I am a poser, but the first time I heard D.R.I. was after I purchased Thrash Zone on cassette @ the Hungry Ear in 1989. I thought Thrash Zone was OK, not horrible. 

 Next time I heard D.R.I. was in 1990 or ’91 when the singer of Puckered Starfish (B.J.) played me their Dirty Rotten cassette. Everything about the first D.R.I. album should have made me love it (it was short, fast, loud!), but at the time I wasn’t too into it. To be fair this is right around the time I got into Husker Du, Mega City Four, the Doughboys, Samiam, & Jawbreaker… not the most hard core time of my life! You can slag D.R.I. all you want for going “metal”, but you will also have to slag me for going “emo”.

 I finally got around to listening to Crossover in ’93 when I found it at Tower Records Outlet (Sacramento) for 49 cents, & I fucking hated it. I listened to it once or twice before giving up on it. For some reason I remembered the album being slow thrash metal with really long songs. Now that I am listening to it 20 or so years later the tunes sounds much faster than I remember and there are only 5 (out of 12) songs that are long as fuck.

 As I drink my beer, reading the Mongols Secret History, & listening to Crossover I realize it is not a bad album at all, but I totally understand why my friends talked so much shit. At the time punks were under constant attack by coke snorting metal heads, that wore Lipservice stretch jeans that wanted to take our nonexistent girlfriends and fuck them. We fucking hated heavy metal, the sound of Dokken or Ratt made us want to kill, hearing traces of metal in bands we loved pissed us off & made us want to barf. We would vomit at the sign of a Warlock guitar, anyone besides Bob Mould that dared to play a Gibson Flying V would be kicked in the nuts! So maybe my friends prematurely ejaculated all over this one, & they should have saved that cum for Thrash Zone. Looking back it’s funny how harsh my friends were towards this album since S.O.D.’s Speaking English or Die & Slayer’s Reign In Blood were favorite’s among our crew, who cares… being absurd is punk!
 Crossover is mostly a metal album, & the playing is a bit slower than Dealing With It, but it still retains the hard core punk riffs people enjoyed on the first LP. As far as metal goes you can certainly do worse & listen to some shit by Megadeth.


  1. Damn, what's your opinion on Four Of A Kind?

    1. I don't really like it... I think I like the idea of liking D.R.I. more so than doing so... In my opinion D.R.I. are at their worst on that VHS release Live At The Ritz, I don't see a reason for the recent release of this on vinyl, blah, blah, blah... I did catch D.R.I. in Hawaii in 1990 (or '91) and it was fucking awesome, the whole show! Broken Man opened and killed it! I heard BxMx moved to San Francisco but don't know whatever came out of that