Thursday, July 24, 2014

Infidelity or so the crazy lady claims...

 I was ten years old, minding my own business, when my mom came out from nowhere, & started yelling at me. She wasn't really yelling at me, she was screaming in my direction about my dad.

 While my mom was screaming she was holding a phonebook (the Yellow Pages). You can tell this happened long time ago, because technology has made phonebooks obsolete.

 At some point in the screaming my mom challenged me to find a restaurant, that doesn't have a women working at it that my dad hasn't slept with. She flipped through the pages screaming, pointing at listings, & rhetorically kept saying, "nope not this one".

 I felt bad for my mom & if my dad was having an affair I figured that was pretty fucked up, but I didn't really think I was the right person to receive this information. I don't know if my dad cheated on my mom or not, I’ll take her word for it, but if my Dad cheated on my mom with all of these waitresses, then he was like Wilt Chamberlain. Fuck, my mom only brought up restaurant workers, there is a whole other world of careers my dad may have slept with.

 I sat on the sofa while my mom went off.  At the end of her scream fest she threw the phone book at me. I held up my arms to block the phone book & it fell on to the ground.

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