Sunday, February 9, 2014

Viva Las Vegas!

 Yesterday I was patrolling the casino for guests in distress when I heard a loud bang, followed by several customers screaming for help. I ran over to the sound & found a woman having a seizure; the loud bang was an elderly woman falling off of her chair & hitting her head against a pillar. I grabbed my radio to call for medical assistance, while I was attempting to do this an asshole gets in my face & says “I need help with my slot machine, I want it shut down so I can go to the show”.

 I motioned to the medical situation happening in front of us & told the asshole that I was trying to call for help. The asshole tells me, “Yeah, I know! I saw it happen!”

 I get back on the radio & told the dispatcher where I needed medical, when I was done calling for help I attempted to secure the area so no one could walk through, but the asshole was still standing there, she said to me, “ OK, you are done calling for help, come over to my machine so I can go to the show”.

 I tried to plead with the asshole, by explaining to her that I’d head over to her slot machine when I was done. The asshole wouldn’t budge, she was in my face bugging out about wanting to go to the show, I looked at my watch, and it was 40 minutes till the show started. I couldn’t believe I was even having this discussion with a customer, while another customer was having a seizure less than a foot away. I told the asshole, “Mam, I can’t have this discussion with you right now!”

 When the first EMT arrived, the asshole told me, “ok you can go now, help has arrived”.

 I told the asshole, “I have to make sure no one walks through here”.

 The asshole rhetorically asks me, “Oh it takes two of you to do this?”

 At this point several officers showed up & the asshole gladly informs me that I can leave now.

 When I get to the asshole’s slot machine, she tells me once again that she wants her slot machine shut down so she can go to the show. She can tell I am visibly disappointed in her & she tries to justify her intolerable behavior, I tell her nothing. I am disgusted in myself for not telling this worthless piece of shit to fuck off. The asshole has 37 minutes to get to her fucking show. Fuck her, I hope the show sucks!

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