Monday, February 3, 2014

Here Is A Money Saving Tip, Instead of Eating a Hotdog, Eat A Dick!

 Yesterday* several of my coworkers gave me some advice, "something you should never buy new is music!"

 When my first coworker told me to never buy new music, I explained to him that I usually buy vinyl (records) or music from touring bands.  I went on to explain that I like to keep my money in the punk rock community & I like supporting touring punk bands. For once one of my coworkers seemed to get it, but I’m sure he still thought I was dumb.

 Fast forward to the end of my shift & I’m sitting in my car thinking, "Wow, several coworkers have told me to never buy music new". I quickly forgot about all the advice my coworkers gave me & focused on my commute home.

 When I got home, I ripped open a beer, & headed to the shower. I drank the beer in the shower while I thought about how much I hate my job. When I got out of the shower I got dressed & headed to the fridge for another beer. With my beer in hand I headed to the computer to check my emails, before I could see who emailed me I was greeted with a Yahoo “news” story about how to save money, one of the tips “don’t ever buy music new”. Motherfuckers!

*this happened a few years ago!

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