Friday, January 10, 2014

My Old Boss Is A Dick Head

 I was writing a note to myself reminding me to write about the time I was attacked while skateboarding down Lamb Blvd when my boss grabbed my note from my hand & asks, “What’s this?”

I told him, “It's a reminder!”

  He looked over my note & asked, “You were attacked while skateboarding?”

 He seemed pleased, and then said to me, “That wouldn’t have happened if you went to school instead of skateboarding”

 I explained to him that I went to school, and then I asked, “What would it matter anyway?”

 He thought for a second & said to me, “You are asking to be picked on by jocks, just by wearing a Ramones T-shirt & riding a skateboard!”

 I was puzzled & thought to myself, “You can’t be serious!” I was also impressed that he knew who the Ramones were, because this exchange happened prior to Rolling Stone Magazine deeming the Ramones listenable.  For the record I was wearing a Mentors T-shirt when the assault occurred.

 I thought about punching him, even though he could have kicked my ass. I ended up trying to ignore him.

 My boss said to me, “I’m going to show you to my son & tell him this is why you shouldn’t be a skateboarder. Better to be a jock throwing the rock at someone, than being a person hit by a rock*.”

 This would have been hilarious if he was joking, but he was dead serious. It was hard for me to speak, my voice was trembling. I asked him “shouldn’t the lesson for your son be that you shouldn’t throw rocks at people?”

 It was obvious that he blew this off as just another one of my absurd hippy, PC, faggot…etc things.

 Reading all this old shit about my former place of employment makes me so happy that I decided to quit 6 months ago.

*this just shows how insensitive this guy is. “Throwing a rock” was referring to the time someone threw a rock at me & nailed me in the back, while I was walking.

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