Friday, January 3, 2014

Love, Life, and Punk Rock Relationships

 I was driving my mom to work when she says to me, “I have something for you! One of my coworker’s husbands is a truck driver & says it’s great”

 I laugh & ask, “Is it speed?”

 My mom gave me a dirty look, because she didn't share my love of trucker crank humor. It turned out that my mom was talking about a back pain cream that she just happened to have a sample size container of. The container looked like one of those mini jars of Carmex.

 When I got home I decided to try out the back pain cream. As I rubbed the cream onto my lower back I heard a voice, “What the fuck are you doing?”

 It was Bethany, she was across the room drunk with a huge Lil Wayne goblet in her hand filled with red wine.

 I answered back, “hugh?”

 She asked, “Why the fuck are you rubbing Carmex on your ass? Planning for a big night out?

 I told her, “This is a trial size container of back cream”

 Bethany said, “I was starting to think, fuck… I know I have been working a lot of over time lately, when the fuck did this start?”

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