Monday, January 27, 2014

I love the band Spitting On Cops, I dislike spitting on cocks

 I guess I shouldn't have been put off since my penis would have been covered in her saliva anyway, but when she pulled out my cock and spit on it, I couldn't have help but think “what in the hell is goin’ on?”
 She then attempted to put my cock in her mouth, but I was not having any of this shit! For one thing spitting is gross & very degrading, I know white people get off on being degraded because controlling the world is exhausting or some shit, but to quote my dad, “I don’t like that shit!” Second, people who get sex tips from porn are lame, I assume this is what having sex with my male coworkers is like, they spit on their hands, rub them together like Mr. Miyagi, rub the saliva on their wives vagina, then proceed  to dip their gross penises into their poor wives pussy. Gag me with a spoon!

 I pulled my cock back & thought to myself, “I’ll give you my cock when you pry it from my cold, dead hand!”

 I didn't even need to make up an excuse why I couldn't fuck, because my cock shriveled up. She got mad at me for having a broke dick. Even though she was starting to be a bit mean, I lied & told her I was nervous. She didn't give a fuck what my excuse was, I went down on her to shut her up, but that back fired because it got me all excited. Nice and hard, we then proceeded to have sex.

 After having sex we dozed off, when we woke up she asked me to go down on her, as I was going down on her, she started to pull my hair & asked, “Do you like the taste of your dick?”

“Jesus Christ” I thought to myself, but for the record, “Yes I do!” 

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