Sunday, January 19, 2014

Harley Garvinson Sleeps With A Woman With A Penis

 A couple of years ago I was talking to Harley Garvinson when he told me he fucked a woman with a penis.  The funny thing about this is that Harley constantly calls me a "faggot" & he constantly questions my manhood!

 Harley went on to explain that, “she sucked me off in the car & we could hardly make it back to my apartment, she was hot!”

 He made sure to mention she was hot many times.

 I asked him if him if he was aware of the penis prior to things getting “hot”, he said, "yeah, but she had big tits"

 He then asked me "is that gay?"

 I shrugged me shoulders and told him, "no"

 He said, "Good, that's why I am only telling you!"

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