Thursday, December 5, 2013

Reason #412,953,751 My Old Supervisor Is Human Caca

 Many years ago my supervisor (at the casino we no longer speak of) asked me, “Can you believe it, my girl left me for some guy in Wisconsin that she met on World Of War Craft?”

 I could believe it, this guy was a vile human being, a sexist prick, a homophobic asshole, & pompous fuck. The shit he did behind his lady friend's back would make me believe he would be relieved…

 I asked him, “What happened?”         

 He first asked me if I knew what World Of War Craft was, I told him “yeah, that’s what the asshole security guard in my neighborhood is always talking about”
 My supervisor then made an asshole comment about one our coworkers Adam playing the game.
 I let off a laugh and said, “That would be fucking awesome if it was Adam”

 My boss gave me a dirty look, he didn’t find my dumb comment funny.

 I found it strange that this guy was sad, he was always sharing stories with me about getting his dick wet with woman he met on hook-up lines & fuck sights. Now he has more time to philander & do whatever gross shit his pimply dick desires. 

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