Sunday, December 8, 2013

If I Write A Song About You Don't Take It As A Joke...

  I had my face inside of a slot machine, doing some minor repairs when I hear a man’s voice bark at me, “Rest blah, blah, blah”

 I wasn’t too sure if the voice said “restroom” or “restaurant”, When you have a radio in one ear, & lots of casino noise to compete with, it can be difficult to hear what some asshole has to say. I say to the customer “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that. Do you mind repeating that?”

 He did mind. I was stared at as if I was stupid & then the old fuck barks, “Restaurant!”

 I ask the guest, “the buffet or the coffee shop?”

 I could hear the agitation in the old man’s voice, “RESTAURANT! – a place where you get food”

 I say back to the old fuck, “I know what a restaurant is!”

 The old fuck shakes his head, “No, don’t shake your head at me. I’m not some fucking animal” I say to him.

 The old man starts to walk away from me, I say with a deranged laugh “that's right, walk away you fucking pussy!”

 The old fuck catches up with his wife & tries to wave me off. I say to him, “that’s right hide behind your boyfriend, you fucking faggot!”

 His wife starts to cry & rhetorically asks, "What’s wrong with you?"

 For the record, I hate when people use terms like “gay” to describe shit or use words like “faggot” as an insult, but this was an all American “man” & American “men” have man issues, nothing upsets them more than questioning their sexuality or manliness. As for me I don’t give a fuck about being a “man”, and I don’t care if someone thinks I am a faggot, I have sucked a cock or two and really enjoy it.

 The old man tells his wife to stay put, he has to defend her honor. He walks towards me with his fist up! I point at his wife & say to him, “that’s right, leave the boy over there!”

 He yells at me, “that’s it, you asked for it, you bum!” he then clocks my lip. I could taste the blood, “Ahhhh I love pain!”

 The old fuck punches me again above the eye. I reach my hand into my pants & begin to masturbate, “ahhh that feels good! Pain is my only way I can feel!”

 The old fuck keeps punching me, while I stand there pulling my pud, I quickly ejaculate my fuck. I pull my hand out of my black work pants, & I reveal that my hand is covered with sperm. I extended my hand to him & ask, “Do you want some?”

 He hollers at me, “You are fucking sick!”

 I let off a laugh, then I put my fingers to my lips, & I gobble up the cum, “hmmm, delicious!”

 The old fuck says, “Jesus Christ!”

 I say back, “Jesus Christ has nothing to do with this, but now I’m gonna have to fuck you up!”

 The old fuck charges at me, but I quickly get him in a head lock. With my free hand I reach into my pants, pulling out some sperm, & then I rub it across his face, while saying, “That’s right, it tastes good, I knew you would like it, you fucking faggot!”

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