Friday, December 6, 2013

Fuck This Guy!

 I was helping a customer when some asshole “outlaw” biker butts in, “Where’s the fucking bathroom?”

 Annoyed I didn’t respond, I went back to helping the original guest, but once again the “outlaw” biker interrupts me, “come on, I have to piss… where’s the fucking bathroom?”

 I gave the “outlaw” biker my attention & told him, “You are just gonna have to wait!”

 “Fawwwwwk!” he says.

I thought to myself, “what an asshole, I wonder if this is Danny’s boss?”

 When I finished helping the guest I was originally helping, I paused & looked the “outlaw” biker up & down, then I shot him a look that expressed that I was not impressed. I don’t consider him to be the all American bad boy, America’s outlaw export to the world, or the modern day cowboy, to me he is just a fucking poser & another impatient asshole, who needs to die fucking die!

 With a drawl emphasizing my lack of enthusiasm, I ask, “so, you want the bathroom, hugh?”

He grabs his crotch & says, “yeah!”

I say to him, “follow me”, and then I lead him towards the restroom.

 As we are walking through the casino a woman walks towards us, the “outlaw” biker says “wow, what a fat bitch!”

 I roll my eyes

 It then becomes apparent the women is pregnant, the “outlaw” biker corrects himself and says, “she’s a pregnant fat bitch!”

 I wonder if he thinks I’m impressed by this or find his bullshit funny. I think to myself, “You want to make me laugh? Talk about queefs!”

 As we get closer to the pregnant women, the “outlaw” biker says to the women, “you’re a fat pregnant bitch, you know that?”

 I feel like pulling the gun out of my tool belt & shooting the man, but then I remember that I don’t own a gun, I want to stab him in the throat with my screwdriver, but I lost my screwdriver in a slot machine 3 months ago & never cared enough to buy another one.

 I tell the “outlaw” biker, “Knock it off”

 He asks me, “You don’t like that?”

I said sternly back to him “no I don’t, knock it off!”

 I then pointed in the vague direction of the bathroom & bark at him, “the bathroom is over there”

 I walked off thinking to myself, “go fuck yourself!”

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