Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dixie Chick

 She was off in the corner of the casino sitting in her mobility scooter, playing video poker, & smoking a cigarette. Beside her was an oxygen tank feeding oxygen into her nose. Her name was Dixie.

  I started my shift by walking to my assigned area & noticing Dixie’s change light was on, so I walked over to her and mistakenly asked, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

 Dixie immediately went off on a tirade, “You can get me my $200 back!”

 I asked, “What $200?”

 She yelled at me, “The one you stole from me!”

 I explained to her that I didn’t take her money. After ten minutes of her going off on me, I figured out what Dixie was bitching about.

 Dixie was playing a $1 video poker machine where you can bet up to 5 credits per hands. Unfortunately for her, she mistakenly bet 1 credit & wound up hitting a 4 of a kind. A 4 of a kind pays $250 if you bet five credits or $50 if you bet one credit.

 House rules, it’s your responsibility to make sure your bet is registered before you play a hand, & malfunctions void all pay outs, but Dixie plays a lot, so the casino should have just paid her to shut her up! For fuck sake, they would have got the money back in a matter of minutes, in the end the casino spent more on labor dealing with her, & other customers didn’t get the customer service they needed, but what do I know? I am an alcoholic & a failed punk rock musician.

 The misplayed hand happened at 5:30am, that’s four & a half hours before I even started my shift.

 I later learned that every 30 minutes before I walked on the floor she was hitting the change light asking for her $200, screaming at any slot floor person or cocktail server that happened to walk by. She repeatedly asked for a supervisor or manager, but they told her they were through talking to her, so they never came when she demanded one. I am surprised she kept playing, if I was in her situation and I felt ripped off. I would have stopped feeding my money into the slot machine. If the management refused to “deal with me”, I would have told them to, “eat a dick!”

 For the rest of the day Dixie would call me over and yell at, threaten, or insult me. Dixie even went as far as threaten to come back at a later date to beat up one of my coworkers. I was now frustrated at my employer, I shouldn’t have had to put up with this shit, but middle management doesn’t care, I am disposable & stupid me sticks around.

 At one point in the day, Dixie even accused me of being the employee who first helped her at 5:30 in the morning. She demanded that I tell the truth about ripping her off. Fuck, I was probably still drinking at the time of the incident!

 Every time Dixie called me over she would say, “I’m never playing here again” or some bullshit along those lines. I would stand there quietly, listening, sweating out the previous night’s booze, hoping that she’d, “show us” & go play elsewhere… she never did, she remained at the same video poker machine, pumping thousands of dollars into it.

 I kept explaining to Dixie that there was nothing I could do, I explained to her that management was through discussing the issue with her, but she kept going off on me. All day long she’d call me over to yell at me about the $200. After a while, I just avoided her & never came by. I eventually told my boss that I refuse to deal with her, he told me, “Fuck her!” 

 I ended my day, and walked off the casino floor relieved to be through with Dixie, I drove home frustrated, promising to buy myself some beer.

 24 hours later, I was hung over & Dixie was still off in the corner, sitting in her mobility scooter, playing the same video poker machine, smoking a cigarette & bitching about the $200.

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