Saturday, December 7, 2013

Another Post About My Asshole (former) Supervisor

 I was sitting in dispatch, dispatching calls when my supervisor walked through the door & asks me, “Do you know what kind of neighborhood has three fried chicken places on one corner?”

 I ignored him hoping he’d go away, I have heard enough grandpa jokes to know that this was one of those racist observations that is supposed to be a joke, but not really a joke.  

 He blurted out “a Churches, a Popeye’s, & a Kentucky Fried Chicken!”

I said to him, “Man, I don’t even want to know!”

He said, “It was like a fucking Snoop Dog video!”

 He went on to talk about his latest adventure at Larry’s Villa, he explained that it used to be much better when it was just a place for white trash strippers, he was disgusted because now it was a place for, “big black bootie women!”

 My supervisor added, “There were a bunch of black drug dealers watching them!”

 I wondered how he knew they were drug dealers & I told him, “Shut the fuck up!”

 He laughed, sensing I wasn't offended enough for his liking, he launched into a rant about how he hopes they* hurry up & build an electric fence on the border, “so we can keep those tax evaders out, because they are sucking up all of our resources!”

 I tried to argue his point with my progressive “bullshit”, but he cut me off with an argument to end all arguments, he said, “I know this is true my mom told me so”

 Yup, this coming from a guy in his 30’s, I went back to drawing & dispatching calls. My supervisor walked out of the dispatch room satisfied that he offended someone he believed to be a democrat. I don’t know if this guy even believes this bullshit or if he says it to me to piss me off.

*they being the Federal Government that he hates!

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