Friday, November 22, 2013

Asshole Customer #601,446,352,999

  Last night at work, a douche bag went up to a woman that he didn't know and asked for a hug, the woman politely declined the offer and walked away, when the guy yells at her, “fuck you bitch, you got a muffin top anyway!” I told the guy, to get the fuck out of the casino, & for some reason he informed me, “Now, forget you!”
 Recently I have seen a lot of men do this shit… they walk up to random woman and ask for a hug, most woman agree, but look a little disgusted. If you are doing this, you are a fucking creep & maybe you should consider jerking off before leaving the house.

 If a woman declines your creepy offer it is not her fault your fragile ego can’t handle rejection. Just thinking about this makes me wish I stabbed you in the eye with my screwdriver. Yes, I am writing this thinking you are reading this creepy hug guy.

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