Monday, October 21, 2013

Today, I Met My Future Wife...

 So I am at work, walking around looking for slot machines to service and trying to not let the layer of butt sweat bother me, when I walk up on a woman at a slot machine that could best be described as a drunken mess. I ask the woman, “Hello, is there anything I can help you with?”

 Here response was, “I need a dick, a big one”

 I let off a sigh and said back, “me too”

 She then told me, “If you weren't such a big fag, I’d take you up to my room and fuck yah”

 I let off a laugh and said, “It’s a shame, I don’t have a big dick”

 She then informed me, "you look like you wouldn't have a big dick!"

 At this point I got offended & a bit worried that another customer was listening to this exchange. So I walked off and looked at my watch, 8:05 AM & the drunk assholes are already in the casino.

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