Monday, October 28, 2013

Great Moments In Punk Rock #614,502,031

 I love to get drunk, I love to read, & I love to go to punk rock shows, this has created a problem for me, I have many memories where I am not sure If I experienced them, someone else experienced them and told me about them, or I read about it while taking a spicy steamer. This would be one of those stories…

 Sometime in the 90’s I saw Fugazi play, it was either at the Huntridge Theatre (or somewhere in California), & some asshole in the audience throws a plain blue pocket T-shirt on stage, Ian MacKaye picks up the shirt & analyses it & says, “I like this, it is plain, functional & has a pocket to hold something, I am gonna keep this”, ha, punk rock! Just imagine that with the sweat pants we were talking about earlier this week!

 Now you may argue whether Fugazi is punk or not, well it doesn’t matter because if you think they are not punk, you are a dick & I don’t argue with something I prefer in my hand, mouth, &/or butt! Put a dick in each hand and I can go skiing!

 If you happen to know if I experienced this or not, don’t bother telling me, because I remember it fondly.

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