Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Never Mind The Testicles Here's The Sex Pistols

 In 1987 I bought a copy of the Sex Pistol's album Never Mind the Bollocks on cassette tape at the Hungry Ear Records in Kailua, Hi. I rode my skateboard home from the record store wondering what a "bullocks" was, but I quickly thought about masturbating and I forgot all about it.

 26 years later, I am old, I am tired, & I am driving home from work listening to NPR, because now I am a latte liberal! On my drive home I think about the Smack Song & the line "smack him in the bollocks" & I wonder what part of the body is a bollocks, I assumed it was the buttocks or penis, but I didn't know for sure, so I looked the word up when I got home.

 According to the Merrian-Webster Dictionary it is chiefly British, usually vulgar: testicles!

 Ha, I love it! "please rub my bullocks with your free hand"

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