Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I knew a work place asshole outside of work

 I always wondered what work place assholes were like outside of work till I was talking to the old drummer of some shitty band I used to be in. We were good and drunk & he was explaining to me that he doesn't care enough about his employees to bother knowing their names; he then said some other shit which basically reinforced his original comment about not giving a fuck about them. He went on to say, “I assume they all think I am a dick”

 I didn't say anything, but I nodded in agreement with his assessment of his employees.

 He then tried to tell me his position & explain why he isn't a dick. He basically said he was busy.

 I told him, “I’m sure we all have our reasons for acting whichever way we do, but if you are being a dick to your employees you should understand why they think you are a dick, it’s not fair that you treat them like they are less than human, then expect them to not think you are a dick.

 He finished up his beer & excused himself from my house.

 I wasn't trying to offend him, I was having a nice time drinking beer, listening to records, and reminiscing about “back in the day”, but I guess that is why I don’t have too many friends… ha, good riddance!

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