Monday, May 20, 2013

Customers Are Assholes, Fuck Them!

 Today I witnessed a disgusting young woman, sitting at a slot machine that was next to a trash can blowing her nose. Her back was facing the slot machine making it quite apparent she was taking up space that could be better used by a senior citizen pumping in the last of their social security check.

 Without a care is the world she dropped every tissue she blew her nose with on the floor. I was thoroughly disgusted and wanted to fire a Derringer into her face, I'm sure she will go back to Vista, CA or wherever the fuck she is from & laugh it off as "job security".

 Luckily by then several calls came over the radio, so instead of watching this disgusting worthless piece of shit, I had slot machines to service.

 While discussing with a coworker who should get what service calls, I felt a hand grab my back & an instant later the hand shoved me. It was some man in his sixties. Obviously this old fuck was too impatient to bother saying, “excuse me”. As he pushed me aside, I said “don’t touch me”.

 The old man got pissed off & turned around. How dare the help talk to him like that! He rhetorically said to me, “what did you say to me?” I repeated my earlier message “don’t touch me”.

 He tried to make me seem like a liar, he said, “you were walking back into me, I had to hold you off from walking into me”.

 I stood my ground and shot back, “I was talking to someone and you were trying to get by and you shoved me”.

 He told me, “If you have a problem with it, go tell your manager”

 I told him “OK, I will”.

 He then told me, “I will do you one better, I will talk to your manager for you”

 I told him “go ahead”.

 He then told me, “There is something wrong with you! You have issues!” I shrugged my shoulders and laughed.

 I called my boss on the phone & explained the situation to him, by the time the customer located my boss, he was already clued in to the story. The guy gave my boss an earful about how rude I was. When the customer got done being a narc my boss explained to him, that when it comes down to it, he shouldn’t have touched me & if he pushes the issue we will be forced to press charges against him. He was not happy with his experience at the casino, but whatever… no one cared, he was just another asshole.

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