Friday, April 19, 2013

Willie Nelson Vs the Crips

 Sometime in the 80’s when I was a tween I first became aware of the Bloods & Crips, according to the school administrators, police, parents, white people, & politicians they were coming for you, they were recruiting your sons, & if you had a daughter that was white they would even try to touch dance with her. It didn't matter that you lived in a planned community with a gate around it… a gate that was built to keep out immigrants, low income whites, & black people of all income levels… thanks to liberal agendas they were in there too. According to these experts your HOA fees will not even keep the Bloods or Crips from killing you over the color of your rag.

 Being a skateboarding punk rock fuck in the 80’s meant I found these scare tactics to be hilarious. Since I could remember the government was trying to scare me with the thoughts of a nuclear holocaust, or communist creeping into our country from the same places we get bananas, now I was told to be afraid of black people. According to my father, Lawyers & the IRS were the real threat, not black people… my dad had some strange ways of teaching equality, but even with a brain the size of a stegosaurus's brain I understood what my father was trying to tell me.

 During this time period I remember skateboarding around Kailua, & seeing a woman wearing a Willie Nelson T-shirt, on the shirt was Willie Nelson’s image & he was sporting a red bandanna. The woman was my mom! I started cracking up, my mom asked me what was so funny, while still laughing I asked her, “Do you think Willie Nelson has ever been shot by the Crips, because they mistook him for a Blood?”

 My mom being a fresh off the boat immigrant from Sri Lanka didn’t understand what I was talking about or why it was so funny. A few months later my parents would put me in a school for retarded kids, because they mistook punk rock & comedy genius as mental retardation. OK, maybe it wasn't mental retardation… I just forgot the term that was used as the reason to send me to “special” school.

 This would be the beginning of my intrigue with Willie Nelson & Street Gangs!

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