Saturday, April 20, 2013

Since we are on the subject of biting...

 Several years ago when I lived in Sacramento some Nazi Skinhead picked a fight with me, before he could let off his first punch I wrapped my hands around his throat & proceeded to squeeze, I was blinded with rage & filled with adrenalin, so his feeble attempts to hit me did nothing. His short portly friend then started to panic & proceeded to bite my forearm. I was no stranger to street fights, so I started choking Skinhead #1 even harder. Luckily for these two dipshits, a cop showed up because once the first skinhead was unconscious or dead, I was planning on doing the same thing to the second one. To the Skinheads credit I was completely covered in blood & the next day I felt like a truck ran me over.

 I only bring up this story in the slight chance the portly skinhead is reading this. So if he is, be warned… you now have ethnic blood running through your veins. You are no longer pure Aryan! My darkie blood cells will multiply faster in your system than my people do & you know how my people are, they like to fuck without condoms and have babies they can’t afford. Welcome to the mud race, mother fucker! I hope you like eating seeni sambol & curry with a lot of coconut milk in it.

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