Thursday, April 18, 2013

More High School Memories

 When I was a teenager some kid named Gabe would bully me because he believed I was a homosexual. He followed me around school taunting me, shoving me, & then he eventually fucked up, he had me backed into a corner with his friends & pressed the issue of a fight.

 At this point I blacked out with rage, according to my friend Jason I punched Gabe in the face which made him unconscious, then I grabbed him by the head & bashed his face into a locker.

 The next thing I know I am in the principal’s office, sitting next to Gabe. The beating I gave him was so severe that Gabe came clean & admitted to tormenting me. The Principal didn't give a fuck, he was just mad that he had a disturbance to deal with. I was given a lecture about how I should have sought help from a school administrator. I asked the principal how I was supposed to get help when Gabe and his friends had me blocked in, the principal repeated the same bullshit.

 Gabe & I’s punishment for fighting was 2 days of in-house suspension, I’m not saying I shouldn't be punished for fighting, but I thought it was total bullshit that I received the same amount of punishment as the person who admitted to starting this whole ordeal.

 To add insult to injury the principal told Gabe & I to shake hands, Gabe extended his hand to me, but I refused the offer & I told the principal, “Fuck that!” The principal said he wasn't going to release us till we shook hands, I told the principal, “call my dad!” He said he didn't need to talk to my father, he just needed us to shake hands. I told him I wanted him to call my dad and explain to him why he was making me shake hands with a kid that was bullying me.

 After this Gabe never bothered me, but I would often hope to run into the principal outside of school and dish some justice on him, sadly I never got the opportunity...

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