Saturday, April 20, 2013

Good Dog

 I like that some senior citizens are stubborn know it all assholes, because quite often when I am walking Ottie I get to have this exchange with them.

 Old duffer - oh, what a cute dog! Can I pet him?

 Me - I'm sorry, but you can't, he is very protective of me & he will try to bite you.

 Old duffer - well, he looks happy, he is wagging his tale.

 At this point the old duffer disregards my warning & attempts to pet Ottie & just as I warned he tries to bite them. The old duffer then jumps back & instead of apologizing, shoots me a dirty look, & says, "what a nasty little dog!"

 Now I become pissed off & I contemplate biting the old duffer for talking shit about my best friend.

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