Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fuck the IMF:uniting everyone!

 Yesterday when discussing politics with a coworker, I said out loud, “Fuck the IMF!” He nodded in agreement. It was a strange moment for political discussion in the work place, but before you think I have joined the other side let me explain how two people can agree on the same thing for two different reasons.

 When my coworker says, “fuck the IMF” it’s because he or she does not give a fuck about starving people in third world nations, the thought of U.S. tax dollars being handed over to dark people with no strings attached in appalling.

 When I say, “fuck the IMF” it’s because I don’t think money should be lent to countries for the purpose of privatizing their economies... extorting countries for their resources makes me appalled. I would have shared this with my coworker, but I feared it might have made him a fan of the IMF.

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